About our Class

Old School Wing Chun Students
Old School Wing Chun Students Training Dan Chi Sau (Single Sticking Hands)

The traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu you will train at our class is very different from the martial arts seen in films, there are no fancy high kicks, indeed there is no kicking above the waist. Instead,  you will learn simple, direct and efficient techniques, focussing on centrelines, triangular structure, correct use of energy and simultaneous ‘block’ and counter attack at close range.  This makes Wing Chun ideal for self-defence purposes.

Our classes follow the Chinese tradition of being ‘relaxed’ and informal, which we find helps students to learn more quickly. Our instructors are addressed as Sifu (which means father or master), with students being treated as Kung Fu brothers and sisters. We are all here to help each other, there is no ego in our classes, with respect being one of our most important principles.

Old School Wing Chun Senior Students Discussing Drills
Old School Wing Chun Senior Students Discussing Drills

We welcome new starters at any time and have a four-week introductory course where you will learn the basic stance, some basic techniques and footwork, to give you a ‘flavour’ of Wing Chun.

We encourage students to ask questions to help them understand everything they are training and you will find our instructors ready, willing and able to validate all forms, techniques and drills, to explain how they work and why we train them in the way we do.

As Wing Chun emphasises the correct use of structure and application of energy, instead of relying on physical strength, you can practice at any age, young or old, male or female. So come along to the class and give it a try, have fun, get fitter, help to relieve stress and make new friends, whilst learning a devastatingly effective form of self-defence.

Class information, times and prices can be found here.