About Wing Chun

‘Wing Chun’ is the Chinese (Cantonese) name for our style of Kung Fu, which means beautiful or perpetual springtime and ‘Kung Fu’ means hard work or effort.

Wing Chun is a simple name for a short range, efficient and highly effective form of self-defence.  Often referred to as the ‘thinking persons’ martial art, Wing Chun does not rely on physical strength or super-fitness to be effective, as it emphasises the correct use of structure and application of energy.  Anyone can learn Wing Chun, regardless of age and the style is equally suited to men and women.

Formed from day one of ‘simple’ basic techniques, it is a fast, effective, close-range combat system. Using and building on these basic techniques will give you the ability to confidently deal with almost any situation you may encounter. Whilst the techniques in Wing Chun are ‘simple’ and easy to learn, mastering them takes hard work, dedication and patience.

Training – Forms and Drills

Wing Chun comprises 3 ‘empty hand’ forms; the wooden dummy form; pole form; and knife form.  Chi Sau (sticking hands) is another training method used which is unique to Wing Chun.  Chi Sau trains and develops sensitivity and speed of reaction, as well as awareness, and allows students to become accustomed to the effective close-in range typical of Wing Chun.

Training drills have been developed over many years, to allow you to practice the techniques you will learn on your Wing Chun journey of experience.  All the techniques can be found in the forms and the drills show how to train them safely with a partner.  You will learn where to strike, how to strike and you will ‘sharpen’ your ‘weapons’ until you can use them automatically and without thinking in the blink of an eye.

Wing Chun as a Way of Life…

What you practice today in Wing Chun you can use today.  For some, Wing Chun becomes a way of life – it will help you to control your anger, channel your energy and learn humility and respect for your fellow human beings.  But don’t forget, Wing Chun Kung Fu is a martial art – make no mistake, you will learn techniques which can cause serious injury, you must exercise strict control and take every care when training with your Wing Chun brothers and sisters.  Share and grow from your experiences.  You must only use the techniques you learn when it is absolutely necessary – for self-defence, to protect yourself or your loved ones from harm.

Don’t expect fancy high kicks or flowery, showy techniques.  What you learn will give you the ability to defend yourself safely and effectively.  If you suddenly find yourself in a dangerous situation, you know Wing Chun will work first time, every time; after all, nothing else will do.  We will teach you the techniques and help you along the ‘path’, but the rest is up to you – just put in the time, effort and training and you will succeed!